Paul Rogers

夢枯記040 Paul Rogers | Being

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Yumegareki 040
Listening to the impromptu live performance titled “Being,” I was spontaneously thinking back on Chuang Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher, who pursued the concept of “naturalness and nonaction”. He viewed things with relative magnitudes. As seen in his famous “the dream of the butterfly,” we can imagine that he entered the world consisted of both reality and dream, or nature and natural. Listening to Paul’s improvised sounds from afar, I felt a difference from myself.

Pascal Quignard, a French writer and musician, said that any artist must agree to abandon his/her life and that there is no difference in your capabilities of performing, creating, exposing yourself and dying in public. His words make me wonder what “Being” really means in terms of playing music. It raises a question of what constitutes the act of performance, rather than how to perform. It also asks about our body which is closely related to life and death. According to Chuang Tzu, a wind reverberates in a myriad of caves, but the wind itself has no sound. The caves represent the performers and the body of the performers is a shield, blocking the wind of death and creating sounds.

Our bodies always send something to the world and engage in creative activities. If this is true, the awareness of being myself and the consciousness of my sound are detached from me when I close my eyes and try to listen. Then some unexpected association and miracle may happen through my body. The sound carrying the invisible miracle doesn’t exist in the sound I made. Nor does the sound have me inside. I wonder whether listening to the wind of nature, exposing myself to the big wave of inaudible sound, facing our own death and asking about it, can be the art of creation. Asking about “Being” may go beyond the boundary of improvisation, continue to create "being" and exist as the source of creation.

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