Gary Peacock

夢枯記030 Gary Peacock | December Poems

contrabass solo & duo with saxophonescdecm records1979

Yumegareki 030
Winter moon stands out in sharp contract against the sky, invoking my feeling spontaneously. While the moon maintains a certain distance from the earth, it has a great impact on the earth. Just like that, natural threats are absolutely silent and indifferent to our feelings, but still, they are a distinct mode of nature and strong enough to influence us.
Sounds pierce a freezing winter air, with the bass sound quality and technique crushing my feeling. At the same time, the natural threats are insinuated somewhere behind the sounds. I feel a certain distance from the nature in the sounds as they drift between the nature, which maintains the permanent moon-and-earth relationship, and our natural feeling stimulated by the moon.
The earth’s climate and natural environment are changing. A huge earthquake hit Japan several years ago. I heard that Ginkakuji, Silver Pavilion, built in the late 15 century in Japan, was designed considering the movement of the moon. While listening to the music, I have developed a desire to create silence focusing on the moon, as the natural threats have nonchalantly stroke their fangs into us now more than ever before.

先月、夕方ころ東京へ行くとき新幹線からみえる地上すれすれの見事な白色の満月を一瞬みた。地上すれすれは三日月しかみえないと思いこんでいたのでとても意外だった。月の満ち欠けに深い情を抱きつつもその恒久的な動きの冷徹さには時々はっとしてうちのめされる。時空を反転するように太陽を崇め奉った古代人の気持ちを連想した。それからどうしてかいまだにわからないけれど、防空壕で泣く我が子の口を塞いで殺してしまった母親の気持ちを想像しながらだぶらせていた。今年も冬がきたのだと思った。師走に入った。今年ももうすぐ終わる。地球の気象も大きく変わって来たし、近い世間の雰囲気もただならなぬ空気に変わってきてしまった。複雑な心を捨てきれないまま聴いた、言わずと知れたGary Peacock、「December Poems」を手に取った。これをかけながら僕は多分、もはや音楽を聴く時、楽音やスタイルをほとんど追ってはいない、そういうことに気づく。…
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