Felice Del Gaudio

夢枯記025 Felice Del Gaudio | La via lattea (dal contrabbasso al cielo)

contrabass, cello, and otherscdrescd2006

Yumegareki 025
It sounded like a visual story by a bassist, depicting one of the contemporary dreams. Many were performed jointly with a cello. But within its storyline, a traditional singing voice was inserted effectively enough to appeal to my ears. The voice continued to resonate at a certain interval. Each time I felt like being pulled back to the beginning of the music. It made me feel as if I were brought back to when I was a child surrounded by unlimited time. I got a feeling that this music must be written with an awareness of the mother earth and children. The natural voice of the song sounded like the threads gathered all the way from the bottom of the earth, reminding me of an unheard vibration before the music starts. The vibration seemed to be in contrast with the reverberation that resonated at the end of the music. Without realizing it, my mind drifted to envision the wax and wane of the moon. In Japan, we will soon enjoy the harvest moon. If we are destined to live the reverberation of the age of human beings now, there should be a music that flows as if it were falling out of the complex reality, together with a voice of the wax and wane, which is seemingly idyllic but permanent in motion.

ベース音楽というよりは、ベース以外の音とともに一人のベーシストが一つの現代の夢を描いた作品に聴こえる。チェロとの合奏やトラディショナルな歌をモチーフとした曲がちりばめられ、映像のない映画を見ているように思える場面もある。聴き始めたはじめのほうは興味がなかなかわかなかったのだが、次第にシーンを変えた音楽的な物語のような曲順に素直に耳がついていくようになる。最後のトラックは赤ん坊の泣き声から始まり、短く小川のせせらぎのような効果音とともにフェードアウトしていくが、これでおわるのだとわかってしまうのが最後としては正直やや残念に思えて、何となく何分くらいのアルバムだったのだろうと考えてしまった。CDプレーヤーは35分24秒を指しているけれど、もう少し長い気がしたのはなぜだろう。結論から言えばきっとヴォーカル、人間の歌声というより地声の存在感がひと際大きく感じられ、それが聴こえてきた一瞬の時間が僕を音楽の始まりへと常に連れ戻していたからだと思う…もっと読む...