Peter Herbert

夢枯記031 Peter Herbert | Bassooka (Music for 1 to 16 Basses)

contrabass solo cdaziza records2001

Yumegareki 031
This music seems to be created to remind us that we have a body that continuously transforms itself as we live. I can feel animalistic sensory perceptions of smelling and hearing deep inside the music. It is a structured modern multi-track recording, but its clear sounds and mode naturally cohere to the body, emitting an aroma of the ancient philosophy. In this modern world, this attempt can be a challenge to the listeners.
This album is not the imagination of the vast universe lying far from human beings. Rather, it invites me to the micro world inside or an imagination of the microcosmos. Sounds pass through the organ, called “ears,” where the frictions are filtered. It also seems to filter sounds to materialize words out of the music.
In this manner, music can act like an animal, revealing itself in a blink of time, invoking an instinct from the listeners, and then gradually crystallizing a shadowy apparition of the performer. It is a form of the Western sounds or a contemplated mode of performance. But I can also hear refined carnal sounds, created to perceive a fugacious nature of bare behaviors. Because of these sounds, it strikes a similarity with the prominent philosophy of the East which emphasizes a concentration of Qi, the vital energy. The apparition itself is a culmination of Qi in a physical form.
This album compels me to consider the future of people and the earth with depth and width. It is a potential of soft but harsh words that can help us communicate with animals through Qi on a cell level, detaching ourselves from the political ones.

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