Barre Phillips

夢枯記023 Barre Phillips | Journal Violone 9

contrabass cdémouvance2001

Yumegareki 023

We say ourselves in syllables that rise
From the floor, rising in speech we do not speak

 -Wallace Stevens-

Sound, as a residue of invisible air, seeps into the edge of life and death called “moment” and enters the original form of language. Every second, it opens up the body and affirms the moment, stopping the time, pulling the world into the dense poetry of sound, clarifying the world through the entire process of music, and then, soaring the sound up again in the light.
A moment is to cut off the world. Even though it is like a death that breaks away from everything, a moment can also provides an invaluable opportunity to celebrate “now” with its innate nature. Sound transforms into a life to live the moment. As a process of living, the music is regarded as a poem as well as the life itself.
Through the music, the solid feel of invisible soul invokes the physical reaction that goes beyond the emotion. What is life? Facing this profound question, the strained mind is released just like a soft bud under the melting snow that has been waiting for the light and the air on the ground. I am then covered with a lyrical smile.


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