Simon H. Fell

夢枯記020 Simon H. Fell | Max

contrabass solocassettebruce`s fingers1991

Yumegareki 020Exploding and drawing spirals, the sounds moved up and down toward the final beautiful ballade.  After listening to the music, I was on a quiet shore lit by the soft evening light.  The opposite shore was covered with a tacit but dynamic verdant green, the beautiful mangrove of the Iriomote island. Music invokes a long forgotten youthful sensation conjured up from the memory. It can even be said that music is something illuminated by the wonder of time, indirectly looming out things that can never exist in the past, present, or future. It moves as if it were a mirror of time.  By throwing the music up into the vast space-time, music gets the focus inside the body paradoxically.  This seems to deepen the meaning of existence.

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