Domenico Sciajno

夢枯記034 Domenico Sciajno | Broken Bridge

contrabass solocdfringes1999

Yumegareki 034
This bass performance seems to inspire listeners to experience a visual event through listening. I wonder whether it is really possible to encounter an “image” that is created in a course of dialogue with music played by a bass. I thought it would be better to raise this question in appreciating this piece of music, because, while visual image can easily be associated with “wisdom” allowing the wisdom to analyze it, the image can pull wisdom down if we stand squarely in front of them.In this music, wisdom and image seem to move back and forth through the medium of a physique of the performer.
When I put myself in a space of music, I feel an event surrounding the music, which is uncertain and asymmetrical, but still somewhat balanced as a whole.
A place called “image” is consisted of nodes of diverse events. Although music remains simple, it may contain the wisdom of music as a node in an intricate mesh of the world. Wisdom can be regarded not only as analytical language but also as an open and organic image node, encounter, or event. I began to realize that music is a medium and a node of wisdom in this complicated mesh of the world, moving through the mesh like water and moving the mesh as it passes by. There, we spot synchronic images here and there, quite different from the images of community or family. They show certain implications of the unconceivable future.
The album ends with the title song, “broken bridge.” It defies my image of music integrated within me by putting a sudden halt of sound and finishing the music without sound. In this unexpected aftermath, I felt an inorganic physical violence of the soundless world. I remained standing in this soundless world until I began to realize the rebirth of the image, bringing visual image back to auditory one, and gradually transforming “soundlessness” into “silence.”
It made me ponder on the true sense of silence. If I am not carried away by the image that develop in my mind screen, and if I stand in front of the latent violence of my internal image while exposing myself to “soundlessness,” then I may be able to perceive an event of the genuine silence.

裏ジャケットには364/400と刻印があり、枚数は限定的なのだろう。あえて目の前に本物のベースがなっているくらいの十分な音量できいた。はじめのうちは実験的なフリーベースソロに聴こえた。実験的といっても、やっている内容を演奏する側にたってその手法を想像しながら聴くのでは、やはりつまらないようだ。ついついあそこをこうやって擦るとこういう音がなるとか、ここは完全な偶然で不確定な音を受け入れているのだろう等、音の推移の技術過程を見がちになる。自分が弾くように聴くこともできるが、それでは音楽を聴くという出来事からはほど遠い気がした。聴き手としても一人の弾き手としても、一つ一つの音に技術的な想像をするのではなくて、出された音、そして録音された音楽との対話のなかから生まれる「イメージ」の前に本当に立つことがベース音楽を通じて本当にできるか…もっと読む...